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Consistency is the Key to Results

One of the key messages throughout our training is about the power of consistency.

Be consistent in your spiritual practices, your work tasks, and your personal efforts, and you will experience consistent results in each area of your life.

That might sound mundane at first. Of course! It takes repeated time and action to complete a project. That's just practical, right?

But consistency is also a key to creating magick in your life. When you consistently put energy out into the Universe, it must consistently return it to you. After all, the Universe is simply a reflection of you. When you are consistent, the Universe is also consistent.

Discipline and consistency are often confused with each other. Becoming consistent is an exercise in discipline, but they are not the same thing. Discipline is the tool; consistency is the result.

Becoming consistent requires removing obstacles that throw you off track. These could be internal obstacles, like a personal tendency toward stubbornness, procrastination, or laziness, as examples.

They could also be external obstacles, like when you're trying to be consistent with a healthy diet but then your friend insists you have a glass of wine or piece of cake. Or you're trying to be consistent with your spiritual practices but your kids keep interrupting your meditation.

That suggests that upholding boundaries with yourself and others is a significant part of building consistency. You have to practice saying Yes to the things you want to be consistent about and No to the obstacles that show up.

And obstacles WILL show up - it's not a surprise, because your external Universe will always reflect what's going on inside you. So if you attract an obstacle, be grateful for it as an indicator of where you need to apply more self-discipline.

There will be times when you need to speak up on behalf of your own desire to be consistent. State what you need. Ask people to support you. If they can't, you might need to step away from them at least for a while.

Besides, if they won't support you, why would you want them around? Consider that question thoughtfully. It's not just about them; perhaps you keep them around because on some level you're looking for an excuse to avoid the work of disciplining yourself into consistency.

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