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Forecast: Continued Ugly followed by Total Revolution

We are at the final years of Pluto passing through Capricorn before it moves into Aquarius. During this time we are going to see the worst of the injustices of the “system”. Capricorn is about work and the rules. Positive traits include ambition, persistence, realism and cool emotions. Negative traits are workaholic, relentless, pessimistic, heartless. Pluto is the underworld, all the buried forgotten dis-avowed parts of ourselves and our culture, the dark side.

The last time Pluto was at the end of Capricorn and moving into Aquarius was in 1775 when the American Revolution began. Back then it was the British injustices to the colonies. This time it is the injustices and inequalities within our own nation.

When Pluto moved into Aquarius in 1778 the American Revolution was fully on - what will happen this time when Pluto moves into Aquarius in 2023? What humanitarian ideals are we fighting for this time? Universal healthcare? Universal income? The end of poverty for the planet? True equality? The end of destroying our planet? All are on the table currently. What new legal systems and codes will be written to implement these ideals? Last time it was the US Constitution.

Be clear about what experiences you want to have for yourself and those you care about. Craft and acknowledge your own visions of your futures so that we can each live them now consciously. Our thoughts create our worlds and our emotions sustain them. This is the American Revolution part 2 - now is your chance to fight for what’s right.

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