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Hail Unto Thee Who Art Tum In Thy Setting...

One of the beautiful practices this tradition incorporates is called the Adorations. We stop four times a day to pay homage to the sun as it travels across the heavens above Earth. At sunrise, noon, sunset and midnight we mark the passage of time and take just a moment out of our activities, thoughts, emotions (and sleep!) to synch up with nature.

The results are multiple - you achieve a sense of conscious continuity, not just distracted by the next stray thought or emotion or running our never ending unconscious programming YOU get to direct your attention purposefully to nature, to the greater environment around you and honor it. You get to notice the beauty of fall as sunset comes earlier, contemplate your place in the universe and rejoice that the sun and the earth make your life possible - without these two father/mother principals the would be no you!

This is just one of the many practices we use to keep us conscious, a place from which we direct our lives, a place from which we can achieve all of our most heart felt desires!

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