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Hello it’s been a while 😊

First I wanted to say welcome to everyone who has checked out our site, subscribed or requested additional information. We really appreciate that you’ve considered what we have to offer and wanted to stay in touch.

As you probably see by now we don’t offer much between ‘Hello!’ and ‘Would you like to get initiated?’. We’re not trying to build an online community at this time because the real magick happens after your initiation. The real community happens after your initiation when you begin the work. The community is your other brothers and sisters doing the work.

To that end - if you would like to know more about joining in on the adventure please Request Additional Information from our website and if you’d like to talk in person with me or other students, click the link in the additional information pdf to schedule your interview. We use Interview loosely, it’s more a conversation to find out what you are looking for and if what we are offering is a good fit.

Hope to hear from you soon!

All the best,


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