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How a Spiritual Community Can Uplevel Your Journey

Doesn't it feel good to travel this spiritual journey with other people?

To have friends who "get it" when you share your strange and awesome new experiences?

Having companions on the journey feels so much better than traveling alone.

Did you know there are other benefits to walking the path as part of a community?

When you're part of a community, it has a collective consciousness that you give to and receive from. In most communities, including informal ones like your group of spiritual friends, the give-and-take is unconscious and disorganized; no one is monitoring whether it's in balance or aware of the impact (helpful or detrimental) that it has on everyone.

In contrast to this, my experience in the Love is the Law mystery school has been very balanced and beneficial. We practice Karma Yoga, which is unselfish action as a way to give energy. Every student is asked to perform small acts of service for the school community - often simple things like cleaning or virtual activities that don't require specific expertise. Those acts of service increase the collective energy of our community, which then automatically uplevels all of us.

I think of it like having a battery that charges itself by being used.

The more that students experience this, the more we look forward to Karma Yoga. For me, I immediately notice the difference in my mood and focus every time. Shortly after that, more synchronicities show up in my life - things manifesting without my having to work hard for them.

That's how Life is supposed to unfold, you know. We've been conditioned to believe that receiving more requires doing more, but the most important thing is always to raise your energy. When your energy is up, then it's easier to let Life conspire in your favor, and any action you do need to take is inspired and clear.

And of course, the more people that are positively contributing to the energy of the group, the more beneficial it is to everyone. It's truly the more, the merrier.

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