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Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law

Love Is The Law, Love Under Will.

This is the manifesto of the new Aeon which started just after the turn of the last century. This manifesto represents both the continuation and evolution of ancient truths. Everything that humanity has aspired to before has brought us to this new level of potential consciousness.

At Love Is The Law we live these ancient truths through teachings, disciplines, rituals and initiations that have been passed down from Teacher to student for generations. Today, the most common method for seeking knowledge is searching the Internet. But how do we discern if what we find is true or false? How do we know what will work for us? And how do we know what is safe to try and what isn’t? This is precisely why our tradition has handed down the wisdom of the ages from person-to-person through oral tradition. 

What are the results? Discovering the truth for yourself, your true will, your higher will. We will not tell you what to believe. Rather, the teachings, disciplines, rituals and initiations will provoke and excite into awakening your deepest truth. Initiations open gateways out of normal states of awareness, revealing new views of yourself and all you once labeled as “real." You will touch a Universal Truth not as something out there, but rather as near as your own heart. We offer methods for discovering a wisdom more honest than thought or idea which emerges through your own uncensored experiences.We call this method experiential learning and the results your direct experience.

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