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Relating to The Knights Templar

Throughout history, there have been numerous schools and organizations that taught how to control one's ego (i.e., mind and emotions) in order to live a life in union with Source.

Some of those have been small, operating quietly, like our mystery school.

But others were much better known, like the Knights Templar.

There's a lot of mythology surrounding the Knights Templar: Were they good guys or bad guys? Do they still exist today? Focusing on what we know is factual, there is much to learn from them - lessons that are still infused into trainings like ours.

First, the Knights Templar military training taught them how to be singularly focused on an outcome, to be a group of men acting like a single organism, and how to do it all in the name of God when ego might have made them quit.

Doesn't that describe how you want your life to be? Moving forward valiantly in the name of your purpose even when part of you wants to quit? I know it does for me.

Outside of battle (most of them never faced battle, according to the Wikipedia article), they channeled that same focus and unity into other endeavors, especially finance. The Knights Templar established a financial network that criss-crossed Europe and anywhere else the Catholic Church had a presence. They amassed great wealth were essentially the first multi-national banking system, lending money to royalty and essentially funding Europe for a couple centuries.

The truly amazing thing is, they built their vast network in only 25 years. Stop and think about how short that timeframe truly is, especially considering that the Knights Templar didn't have the Internet, telephones, cars, planes, trains, or any of the modern conveniences that we would use to build such a network. Anytime they needed to communicate with someone, they had to get on a horse and go to that person.

And yet, they made it happen. It's an amazing example of how quickly quantum leaps can happen with singular focus and multiple people working toward the same goal.

At Love is the Law mystery school, we don't officially teach about the Knights Templar, but we do talk about them on the side from time to time. Here are some of our favorite sources of Knights Templar materials:

  • The Templars: The Rise and Spectacular Fall of God's Holy Warriors by Dan Jones

  • "Knightfall," a historical drama History Channel where Dan was a lead consultant (currently available on Netflix)

  • "Buried: Knights Templar and the Holy Grail," which traces the history of the Knights Templar by exploring archaeological sites related to them

  • "Curse of Oak Island," a History Channel reality series about digging for treasure in Nova Scotia that is said to be linked to the Knights Templar

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