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Releasing Emotions

Our training teaches you how to master your ego, a large part of which is knowing how to deal with your emotions.

There are numerous techniques for dealing with emotions, and while our tradition includes some practices which serve that purpose, we also embrace outside tools that students may be drawn to during their training.

For example, during our most recent Master Lecture, one of our new Third Degree students gave a lecture about Emotional Freedom Technique. (In Third Degree, sometimes students are asked to give the weekly lecture instead of the teacher.)

You may have heard of EFT, which is often referred to simply as "tapping." Many people find it highly effective for releasing negative emotions, even when they don't know which emotions are causing their troubles.

Meanwhile, our tradition includes a practice that involves sitting still in meditation and letting thoughts and emotions pass through your mind. The key is to sit still and let them pass, rather than jumping up and interrupting the process before it completes.

When our tradition was first developed, meditation wasn't nearly as common as it is now, nor were healing methods as commonplace as they are now; therefore, teaching students in this tradition how to meditate was very important back then. We still include this specific meditation practice in the present-day training because our training is a proven system for self-realization, and as the saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Is one approach (EFT vs. meditation) better than the other? Not in any absolute sense. Students tend to have their favorite techniques for various situations.

Speaking from my personal experience, I came into the training already knowing multiple techniques for dealing with emotions, including some I had developed myself as a master healer. Most of the time I prefer to use those tools, but once in a while I'm reminded that the practices we learn in this training have a simplicity that mine don't have. And on some occasions, I find that simplicity cuts through all the complicatedness that my ego has created out of resistance and allows a much easier, more effective release.

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