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Rise Above Troubles

This was the message I received from the Fairies Tarot Deck before starting yoga last night. Our instructor brought something new to class (not just the tarot decks!) and it was Yin Yoga. Similar postures and breathing that she’s already taught us but very l o n g h o l d s. So we slowed way, way down and actually Relaxed: Relaxed, Released and Healed and breathed into that healing and released stresses and traumas from the day and deeper. So rather than efforting to rise above my troubles I released them. It was a good reminder that we choose to perpetuate our perceived troubles through our own repetitive thoughts, words and actions when the exit from them is to just stop and let go. What people fear more is not having these issues because who would we be then? The issues have become our identities. So I invite you to take inventory of the issues you cling to like life itself because these issues Are Not You, not the real you, and see what you’d like to let go of.

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