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The god’s eye view

Had a great conversation with a student today. He was talking about how his expectation was with the initiation that after his initiation everything would change immediately.

Now that he’s been in the program going on four months he’s realized what changed immediately was his perspective on things. He was able to perceive what the issues were that were causing events in his world (some traumatic and dramatic) and he realized perceiving them was only half the battle he also had to act to change himself in order to change the events occurring in his world.

Genius! Genius!!!

Exactly! Initiation is an opportunity for a new perspective - you step out of the normal world and into the god’s eye view of your life. You are able to perceive yourself as the cause of your world and determine actions You can take to change the parts you don’t like. Fortuitous acquaintances will appear, miraculously events will arrange to deliver answers to your questions. Your job is to be aware, decide and act.

Our six month intro program offers you all the tools you will need to keep track of yourself and improve from where you are in material, personal and spiritual ways.

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