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The Most Powerful Way to Use Your Mind

Do you know the right way to use your mind?

Most people believe that the right way to use their mind is to constantly think and worry and rely on it to make decisions.

But this is flawed.

If you rely too much on your mind, you will keep re-creating situations from the past, because your mind knows only what you have experienced in the past.

It knows what you have felt and feared in the past.

Even the facts and information in your mind is whatever you absorbed in the past while reading, studying, watching TV, etc. That information can be limited, outdated, or wrong.

Frankly, your mind is a poor source of guidance for decision-making if you want to create a future that is different from your past.

Over-dependence on your mind comes from the hidden powerlessness of not feeling in control of your life. When you life is in order, you don't need to constantly figure things out and worry about your outcomes. Getting your life in order, as we learn to do here in Love is the Law mystery school, allows you to put your mind to better use...


The most powerful use of your mind is to let it wander. A mind that is free to think eventually taps into your secret inner thoughts and brings your deepest desires to the surface. Let your imagination take hold of those deep desires, and you'll add the energy to them that is needed for those desires to manifest into your reality.

Said another way, the right use of your mind is to stop making it work so hard and let it play. Famous geniuses like Einstein and Edison knew this. They built "imagination time" into their regular schedules; that's how they tapped into the genius ideas that they contributed to humanity.

The way I use this idea in my own life is in the time that I spend playing simple games on my iPad. While my left brain is occupied by the game, my right brain is free to imagine and let new ideas bubble up to the surface. It has become highly effective for me, but I'll warn you that it only works if the game isn't too engaging.

What ways do you have of letting your imagination wander?

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