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Why Your Goals Don't Manifest

This is a follow-up to my previous post about consistency.

What we learn in this training is, as long as you take consistent action toward your goals, you must get results. This is because the Universe always responds to us, and so it returns energy to us (in the form of results) as consistently as we put out energy (in the form of action).

Then why are so many of our desires not already manifested?

Because we don't take consistent action for long enough.

The natural question, then, is how long is long enough?

That answer's going to vary from person to person, and you're probably not going to like it:

It takes just a couple steps more than where you usually stop yourself.

Have you ever heard that saying about stopping "three feet from gold"? I think it comes from the book Think and Grow Rich. There's a story in the book about a man who decided that he wanted to get rich, so he bought a gold mine and tons of equipment and spent a long time (months? years? I forget) digging for gold in his mine. Eventually he gave up and sold his mine. The person who bought the mine started digging again and found a mother lode just three feet past where the first man had stopped digging. The first guy was that close, but he gave up just before he reached his golden goal.

You don't actually know how often in your life you stop "three feet from gold," because a blindspot makes you do it. In other words, your conscious reason for stopping sounds so reasonable in your head that you don't stop to notice how much gold you're leaving behind.

If you want to change this pattern, then you need to understand the reason why you stop yourself. It's the same reason every time:

To achieve a goal, you must let go of who you used to be and step into the new version of yourself that matches the energy of the achieved goal. Some people call that "ego death," because it is perceived by the ego to be the same as physically dying. So when you try to change, your survival instincts kick in to stop you.

Even if you consciously think you're comfortable with change, unconsciously you are much more committed to maintaining the status quo than achieving your goals. It's actually programmed into your biology as part of the fight-or-flight instinct.

That's where being in a program like this gives you advantages, because you've always got another person - your link - who's observing your process but not in it, so they can help you see when you hit a blindspot. They can't make you do anything differently, but they can at least hold up a metaphorical mirror to help you see your situation better.

Using myself as an example, I'm such a powerful manifestor that I can see results in three or four days. So when does my ego stop me? Right at the beginning of Day 3. Taking consistent action is a breeze for two days, but then if I'm not paying attention, on Day 3 I'll wake up and decide I "need some rest" - which I don't really need, but that's the excuse my ego reaches for.

To counteract this effect, sometimes I'll put sticky notes around my apartment that say, "Watch out for Day 3!" Or I'll add a reminder to my calendar: "It's Day 3 - keep going!" And if I've talked about my goal with Sheila during my link meeting, then she'll remind me to watch out about my Day 3 pattern too. But it's still up to me to meet my ego on Day 3 and keep up my consistent action.

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