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Welcome to Love is the Law!

Love is the Law brings the ancient mystery school tradition into the modern online world. It guides your path to expressing your True Self in your day-to-day life.

We teach both Magick (the outward path to enlightenment) and Mysticism (the inward path to enlightenment) through a personalized training program that combines the best of Western Ritual and Eastern Mystical traditions.

You learn practices for infusing your goals and desires with spiritual energy while taming your ego's resistant patterns through greater self-awareness.

Along the way, you create personal connections with other students who also desire to master life and live it fully. This shared energy produces results far quicker than striving by yourself.

This is a hybrid online/in-person program with plenty of opportunities for real-time interaction. The school is anchored by a physical presence in Little Italy, San Diego, CA, where initiations and other in-person activities take place. Many of our activities include an option to participate virtually, and some such as weekly Master Lecture are virtual-only.

Program Highlights

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Direct Experience

You master major life themes not by studying them in a classroom but by living them.

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Our link-chain system provides weekly 1:1 attention to keep you moving forward.

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We stay connected through weekly virtual gatherings and periodic in-person events.

What is a Mystery School?

As far back as ancient Egypt, people who wanted to achieve full consciousness, empowerment, and personal freedom immersed themselves in trainings exactly like this one. They studied alongside masters, learning the "mysteries of life": Universal Laws and how to command the elements. A key element to this mastery is conquering the ego.

What is the Ego?

Your ego is the part of your subconscious mind that's tied to your survival instincts. Because its top priority is keeping you alive, it uses fear, worry, and doubt to protect you, but often in direct opposition to your dreams of success and freedom. Learning to recognize and command the ego, as we do in this training, is critical to mastering your life purpose.

The Power of Initiation

Love is the Law is not conventional classroom training. It is instruction through initiation.


Joining the program, and each degree thereafter, starts with an initiation ritual that brings you out of 3D reality and attunes you to the creative energies of the Universe and your part within them. Initiation “wakes up” abilities within your physiology that allow full perception and instantaneous creative expression but have lay dormant within humanity for eons. It also "downloads" you with all the knowledge you need for that degree.


Your training, then, is a series of experiences purposefully designed to reacquaint you with those energies and abilities and bring that knowledge to your conscious level.


Because training by initiation instantly lifts you into wonderful but unfamiliar energies, you need to be guided by a Teacher who has already walked this path.

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Meet the Teacher

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Love is the Law mystery school was founded by Sheila in 2015. We are non-denominational and operate under the guidance of a Teacher who has been trained in the Thelema tradition.

Sheila's life purpose has been to bring this ancient tradition into the modern age. And she's the perfect person to do it, having gone through it twice as a student. As head of the school, she now provides a sacred space in which others can achieve mastery and freedom.

"The training has given me a path of lifetime growth. My greatest joy is expressing the divine/universal force/god doing what I am here to do which just happens to be helping others discover, embrace and excel in their own special talents. Every man and every woman is a star!"

The Enrollment Process

Our school is open to anyone whose Will is to join us, and our enrollment process is specifically designed to help you determine that for yourself.


If what you've read so far resonates with you, then the next step is to Request Information below. You'll receive a PDF that provides the next level of detail about our program, including initial costs. 

After reading that PDF, you'll get a link to schedule a Discovery Session via Zoom, during which you'll get to meet our Teacher, who can answer all your questions. You'll even be able to try one of the practices that is part of our experiential training, and then have a follow-up conversation. 

If you decide to enroll after speaking with our Teacher, then arrangements will be made to collect your initiation fees, so that your in-person initiation can be arranged.

What Students Are Saying

"I chose this school because my Higher Self decided before I did. Once I heard of this school, my spirit wouldn't leave it alone and wouldn't have it any other way. I owed it to myself to continue down this path to discover my own truth."

- a Minerval Degree student

"I joined the school to enhance my spiritual practices, and learn from those who are further along that path than myself. I have done and continue to do this through my learnings. To my surprise, my experience in the school has led to additional benefits, leading me to be more disciplined in my life and with my affairs.


Through the school practices, I have mastered time management, which has helped me in my career and personal life. I am more aware of my word, which has increased my personal integrity. I act from intention, which has helped me navigate deliberately through life instead of reactively. All of these positive changes compound and help me reach new levels of peace and happiness."

- a Second Degree student

"When I first heard about this training, it was an instant Yes from my Inner Being; I already knew I was going to join before anyone explained what it would do for me.
The benefits have been immeasurable: clarity, confidence, and stronger connection with Spirit than ever before. With this format, I become a better version of myself literally every week!
As a result of these changes, I've taken control of my life in innumerable ways. My life purpose has become crystal clear and I've adapted my business to serve more people and make more money with far less time and effort. It’s fun and empowering to watch increasing results show up in my life without having to work harder for them."

- a Third Degree student

Request Information

Provide your contact info here, and we'll send you a PDF with more details about the program.

Thanks for submitting! Check your inbox for an email with the PDF attached.

Located in Little Italy, San Diego, CA

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