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3 Reasons Why You Need to Join an Experiential Spiritual Training

A perspective offered by one of our third-degree students

I love living in 2020, when there are so many sources of spiritual knowledge openly available. It's such a welcome change from when I started my spiritual journey back in 2002. I remember being nervous about mentioning my new interest in tarot, meditation, and chakras.

Or when I opened my business back in 2006 and was met with blank stares when I tried to explain to people what Reiki was.

Do you feel lucky to have an endless array of books, podcasts, videos, and movies to choose from? You should. :)

But at the same time, I want to help you see that the spiritual journey is about more than accumulating knowledge. To fully awaken, we have to learn in a way that fills not just our minds but our hearts, bellies, and every one of our cells, too.

Trust me, I've been on this path for quite a while and gone through many, many types of spiritual training. None of them have impacted my life like this one. Here's why:

Most sources of learning are instructional, meaning they lead you to the information but not the integration. You listen to a podcast, attend a workshop, or read a book, but you've got to figure out on your own what applies to you and how.

Experiential learning is different: It's learning by doing. I don't mean that someone gives you information first and then you take action on it. I mean, someone assigns you a task with very little explanation why, and in the doing of it, the lesson reveals itself. At least, that's how it works for me in this mystery school - especially when it works best.

Now that I've explained the difference between instructional and experiential learning, here are my top 3 reasons why you need to add an structured experiential program like our mystery school if you really want to become enlightened:

1. Because learning something isn't the same as embodying it

Have you ever met someone who calls themselves a "spiritual person" but seems to be kind of an a**hole and struggles to create the abundance they lecture about?

We've lived in a society that values knowledge over results. We've listened closest to the people who talked the loudest, without looking at whether they were walking their talk.

But that is changing on all levels. Have you felt the shift? It's been happening on global and individual levels. We're being called to act in integrity with what we believe. It's time to ground what we know into our lower chakras and make it work for us.

2. Because everything you need to know really is inside you already

Have you heard people say that all the knowledge of the Universe is already within you? They weren't kidding.

Heck, if you're reading this, you may already be some sort of starseed, incarnated angel or budding bodhisattva, in which case there's no additional information you need to acquire in order to embody a higher state of being.

The workshops you've been attending are really just reminding you of what you already know. You would be equally served by a process that simply awakens the information from inside of you instead of giving it to you through your outer senses.

In fact, you would be better served because it wouldn't be based on the premise that you don't already know.

3. Because you need a place to practice the knowledge that's awakening within you

I must admit, I had this backwards until very recently. When my life became too full of work, personal, and school activities, I very consciously decided to put my school responsibilities on the back burner:"Let me get my business sorted out, and then I'll give more attention to the school."

My progress in the training stalled as long as I stayed in that mindset - for over two years! It took a lot of faith to stick with it.

Then one day, it clicked for me. No, it didn't just click - this sudden "aha" took my breath away:

A school like this is meant to be a place where we work out the stuff we need to know, so that we can apply our new understanding into our lives and businesses.

It's a laboratory where we can test out ideas in controlled conditions. Without the usual baggage of life and work. Without the pressure of making a living from these activities or worrying what our friends and family will think.

(Which is what our teacher had been telling me all along, but I was finally ready to hear it, LOL.)

As soon as I realized this and committed to it, it was like magic. A switch flipped in my energy. I immediately threw myself into my responsibilities for the school, and was stunned when everything else in my life shifted as well.

Within a week, I was not only getting my school work done, I was suddenly completing more projects for my business too! It was like more time suddenly got added to each day!

Better still, new business clients started contacting me out of nowhere. They were ideal clients too - completely aligned with my avatar, completely ready for transformation. All within a week! I was awed and grateful.

I have to tell you, in all the spiritual trainings I have been through, there is nothing better than an experiential training like this. If you really want to grow spiritually, tap the brakes on that endless schedule of workshops and webinars, and make room for a mystery school that provides the structure to learn by doing.

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