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Living in Balance

Human life, especially here in the U.S., seems to be a celebration of up-and-downs. It swings from the highs of abundance and success down to the lowest lows of scarcity and struggle - or vice versa.

Look at our favorite movies: A hero goes through battles and struggles (oh no! will they make it?) and comes out victorious at the end. (Hooray!) We enjoy drama so much that we pay to be entertained by it.

Even the real life people that society reveres as heroes tend to fall into the same pattern: They survived a dramatic, perhaps dire situation and so they are celebrated.

We were taught to believe that this is the best way to live; that belief manifests into our realities.

Does this pattern show up in your personal life? Do you swing from struggle to triumph and back to struggle again?

Are you tired of those up-and-downs?

There's a different way to be: living in balance.

In ego consciousness (where you probably are now), the up-and-down is necessary, because in these lower frequencies only one half of a pair (the up or the down) can be experienced at any given time. You can be happy or sad, in lack or abundance, giving or receiving, but never both. You might know that both possibilities exist, perhaps flip-flopping so quickly that it feels like you're experiencing both at once, but in truth you can only be in one of them at a time.

As you evolve in consciousness, you can reach the point where life becomes more balanced. You don't flip-flop all the time, and the swings you experience are much smaller. You tend to live life near the middle instead of in the highs and lows, especially emotionally speaking.

You might be thinking, "Does that mean I won't get excited anymore? Does it mean I won't experience huge success?" No, but "excited" isn't necessarily the best way to live. Stress is exciting but not fun or life-giving.

Would you accept a slower trend of steady success if it meant you didn't swing back down into failure and lose it all?

Since the highest highs come at the expense of having to also experience the lowest lows, could be you content hanging out in the middle instead?

If there was a way to always be peacefully happy and drama-free, would you choose it?

The rituals and practices taught in our mystery school, along with the collective energy of the school, are specifically intended to help you reach that equanimity. You even out toward the middle, and because you're not constantly dealing with the stressors of the extremes, you can easily receive guidance and take action to live your own life in the best way.

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