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This is a world of form. Structure is all around us, not just in buildings and trains and electric poles. It is in plants, animals, the elements around us, the cells of our bodies!

It makes sense that a spiritual training would deal with this aspect of our lives, the embodied spiritual. One of the first initiations into this tradition gives the advice, “chafe not at the apparent restrictions placed upon you for they are designed solely to enable you to do your will.” Evolution implies structure.

One of the best tools we use to discover and work on our relationship with structure is the humble schedule. What do you fill your day with? What do you want to fill your day with? What do your desires/goals for yourself demand that you fill your day with?

When you can truly relax into your schedule, confident your daily, weekly, monthly actions are taking you to your desired results there is no chafing, there is freedom. It seems paradoxical which is why this is a spiritual Teaching, it goes against the grain of popular myths about what freedom is. All you have to do is be there, do what you said you were going to do and you will have the results desired - it is inevitable.

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