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You Got the Mother You Needed

Every person's relationship with their mother is different.

Some mothers are warm and nurturing. Some are cold. Some are abusive. Some are absent.

My own relationship with my mother was terrible in my childhood; it's finally gotten better in my 40s, after a lot of healing work and forgiveness on my part.

The thing to know is, each of us got the EXACT mother we would need in order to have the life experiences we intended to have. Who your mother is is no accident; you chose your mother and she chose you - at the soul level, before you both were born.

Of all the relationships in your life, your parents are the most influential and important. You are biologically programmed to learn how to be human by mimicking them.

The qualities your mother possessed when you were young might have been qualities you needed to emulate OR qualities you needed to rebel against.

She may have given you EVERYTHING you needed or NOTHING you needed. If there's something she didn't give you, it's because your life path includes learning to provide that to yourself.

For instance, because I didn't get the love and nurturing I might have liked from mother, I learned how to become my own best source of love, without seeking to fill that void through a relationship with another person. The healing I went through to repair that damage as an adult made me one of the most skilled healers on the planet. Meanwhile, I found the love I craved at its truest source: the Divine.

Depending on your experience, it's not always easy to be grateful for who your mother is/was, but it is possible. I promise you this: Whatever bothers you most about your mother is her greatest gift to you. It bothers you because it's SUPPOSED TO get under your skin and inspire you to grow, the way that a grain of sand irritates an oyster and becomes a pearl.

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